Who we are

The Atharvanic Kriya Foundation is a not-for-profit, spiritual (non-religious) organization. The mission of the Foundation is to create a meaningful and mindful community. We are here to serve others and help them to enhance their quality of life by empowering individuals of any ability to experience the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual benefits of regular kriya yoga practice, with an emphasis on the YOGA OF BREATHING. For that, we offer Breath Practice / Kriya Yoga, and Yoga awareness workshops, that provide access to moments of peace and stillness that can lead to complete healing. We also offer live online interaction to support regular practice, individual growth, and support existing, various yoga teachers. We offer these programs with no fee because we want people to be able to participate — regardless of financial circumstances. These voluntary contributions allow us to continue our community-supported classes, yoga awareness programs along with various programs we conduct to the research and development of Atharvanic Kriya in Australia and around the world.

Mindfulness workshops for mental & physical health to create a world of equality and peace

Awareness and training on mental and physical health are essential for harmonious living and personal growth. The Foundation organizes training courses on simple and effective traditional training methods such as yoga and meditation...

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Cultural and community support for regional, rural & remote areas

Although rural communities have the benefits of living in harmony with nature, health care and support services are often a challenge for them in the face of severe climate-dependent challenges...

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Projects for conserving native medicinal plants for a healthier life

All living things, including humanity, rely on the environment to survive. A declining natural environment will harm the lives of humans and other living beings. One of the Foundation’s missions is to discover, nurture and use folklore about medicinal plants, in order to live a healthier life and promote conservation...

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Preserving & integrating the indigenous wisdom of healing

Indigenous knowledge enhances our abilities to deal with day-to-day problems caused by lifestyle changes. Over the years, a large amount of ancient medical information has already been lost ...

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Comprehensive student meditation programs

One out of many goals is to help students to build a strong foundation by enabling them to identify and nurture their natural abilities through everyday meditation...

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Support the children In need of care

Children are the promise of the future. This is why one of the Foundation’s main goals is to help vulnerable children build a strong foundation through financial aid, mentorship and reassurance. These programs will enable them to recognize and nurture their innate abilities...

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We encourage all kind-hearted souls to join hands with us in our activities to promote health, love, and peace worldwide through ancient wisdom.

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Atharvanic Kriya Foundation conducts a variety of volunteering programs aiming at helping humanity.

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Are you looking for more in-depth knowledge to enhance your insights into ancient wisdom?

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Events & Workshops

08 Mar

International Women's Day 2022

Why are women more empowered with a healthy thyroid? Intera..

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07 Mar

3 Day Ayurvedic Diet & Nutrition Class

Develop your knowledge of Health & Nutrition with an accompl..

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01 Mar


"MAHA-SHIVA-RATHRI" is the most significant night which happ..

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