About Us


The Atharvanic Kriya Foundation promotes the mental and physical well-being of people around the world. To achieve advanced and harmonious living, the Atharvnic Kriya Foundation believes in the value of awareness and mental health. Seminars, workshops, and retreats on simple and effective traditional training methods such as yoga and meditation, are established through the Foundation. With this goal in mind, The Foundation implements comprehensive student meditation programs for schools to encourage moral awareness and nurture their innate abilities. One of the organization's most important missions is to extend our services to all regional, rural and remote communities without interfering with the essential values of their culture. The Foundation also develops plans to preserve and incorporate Indigenous medicinal plants' for their cultural significance, healing properties, wisdom, and ability to aid us to live a healthier life. Another mission of the Foundation is to financially help disadvantaged children with their everyday needs, such as education. Additionally, the Foundation is committed to working with older people living with mental and physical disabilities.


Inspired by the ancient Indian Vedic knowledge (Sanathana Dharma), the Atharvanic Kriya Foundation's central vision is to discover, preserve and utilize the ancient wisdom of health, love, and peace to develop humanity worldwide.

Lenish John


Sebastian Morris

Project Manager

Peter Noblet

Cultural Affairs Coordinator

Halle Yilmaz

Financial Consultant

Du Lai

Program Coordinator

Barbara Morotti

Volunteer Coordinator

Fabian Acuna

Media Coordinator