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Ah, KINDNESS, what a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world" (Anonymous)

Mental Health Support For The Youth of Australia

Adolescence is a time of many changes and challenges. Being young does not mean that life is stress-free. Therefore, young people are one of the most significant victims in the Covid 19 pandemic period. The Covid 19 restrictions affect emotional expression with peers, partners and relatives, and the uncertainty of their education and future is severely destroying young people's lives. Moreover, sitting at a computer desk for hours every day in isolation at home and doing homework can cause stress to the young body. And the less time spent in nature for exercise and recreation, the greater the risk of increased mental and physical stress. All donations made to the program “Kriya Yoga Mental Support for the Youth of Australia” will be appreciated.

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Urgent appeal COVID relief fund for India

India is grappling with a deadly COVID-19 outbreak. More than 300,000 people have died due to a second coronavirus surge in India and hundreds of thousands of people are infected each day.

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Donate to support the children in need of care

Children are the promise of the future. This is why one of the Foundation’s main goals is to help vulnerable children build a strong foundation through financial aid, reassurance, and programs that enable them to recognize and nurture their innate abilities.

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Donate to student's wellbeing

Education is the cornerstone of the future. Atharvanic Kriya yoga stands up for the promotion of education to create a stronger and wiser generation. We encourage all wonderful souls to come forward and join our ventures in this direction.

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Donate to support rural community

In urban areas today, the rate of mental and physical health problems increases for those living in regional, rural, and remote areas. Although these communities have the benefits of living in harmony with nature, health care and support services are often a challenge for them in the face of severe climate-dependent challenges.

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Donate to conserving native medicinal plants and ecological quality

All living things, including humanity, rely on the environment to survive. A declining natural environment will harm the lives of humans and other living beings. One of the Foundation's missions is to discover, nurture and use folklore about native medicinal plants to live healthier lives.

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Donate to preserving indigenous healing system

Indigenous knowledge enhances our abilities to deal with day-to-day problems caused by changing lifestyles. Over the years, a large amount of outdated medical information has already been lost.

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Donate to end domestic violence

Harmonious living and healthy mentalities require awareness and training in mental and physical health. The organization specializes in mindfulness classes for young people and adults to encourage a family atmosphere of moral understanding and mutual respect to create a world of equality and peace.

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